Important Tips

The welcome we say in where you can enjoy a dish of information and entertainment packed into one package saving you the time to indulge . For 24 hours in a day when we will accompany you in front of a computer screen or your gadget .

To further simplify and smooth for you to enjoy every dish there is , then the following would need to be considered .

Important Tips

1 . Bandwidth Speed ​​- Make sure your internet connection is currently in good condition and not faltering . The greater the internet quota you have, the more smoothly also Online TV and Movies Online you are witnessing . To test your current internet speed have today you can try on bandwidth speed test page .

2 . Browser support – To display the maximum , always use the latest version of Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , Safari , Opera , or Pale Moon .

3 . Social Media – Try to take a moment to Like facebook page or follow our twitter so you never miss important information and latest notifications will be sent directly through your wall .

4 . Refresh – When loading the page feels a bit long , please press the refresh button or F5 on your keyboard .

5 . If there is a perceived Online TV channel is not working as it should , be patient , because it could be still in the process of revamping the parent server . Usually it does not last long , maximal within a few days was able to get back as usual . But if there is really an error , then please contact us via the contact Us page .

This important tips offered so smooth and comfort you in accessing each page to be smooth . Enjoy the whole program and the existing article .

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