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Live streaming is a live stream that is broadcast to many people (viewers) at the same time with the original incident, through a data communication medium (network) that is connected to either cable or wireless.


HTTP is the standard protocol used web web technology for the purposes of sharing and video streaming example YouTube, Google Video, and other video sharing websites. Because the protocol is the most easily accessible from anywhere. Some firewall closes ports that are not common, but port 80 is used by the HTTP protocol is almost never closed unless the firewall does not allow the internet in their network. Thus all users connected to the internet so they can easily watch the videos anywhere and anytime.

First streaming video using RTMP protocol as used in the Real and Flash Media Server. The technology use is not widespread due to use requires installation of special software like real player. The surplus, this protocol can provide live streaming for live broadcasting purposes. This technology is commonly used for video tele conferencing While current use of video on the web is a trend that is growing in the Internet. Using the FLV video formats and Flash as a video player provides an easy way of presenting video content via the Internet. By posting the video on the website and make a run with flash player videos can be watched anytime and anywhere.

Making flash video player application is quite easy when just using progressive download. Progressive download is a technique used to play videos on Youtube. Video downloaded and executed directly without having to wait for the video finished downloading. During the run video, flash download in the background and the remaining part is stored in a buffer. Parts of the video in the buffer to be played by Flash Player. Because it’s the local video playback from the buffer faster. In addition to progressive download caches on video so that the video does not have to be downloaded first if you want to play again.

Disadvantages progressive download is not able to see the video that has not been downloaded by the player. In other words we have to wait for the video to download to finish when we just want to see the back of the video. Another technique was developed for the pseduo HTTP Streaming. These techniques include meta-tags or code that informs the video parts. By giving the player url request immediately started taking video of part 10. Thus we can see any part of the video without having to wait until the part is finished downloading. This technique requires the help of PHP or web server like Apache and lighttpd.

Ability to run on a web flash on the phone to make we can make multimedia applications that can run anywhere. This advantage makes the popularity of flash shot up. There is an issue due to the purchase of Macromedia by Adobe Flash video technology. But whatever it is, growing flash technology gives us as developers to easily develop applications much easier and better

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