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Metro TV Online Streaming – Metro TV, a private television stations nationwide, led by Surya Paloh presents a wide variety of news shows both serious and light as a feature. Can be watched live via Metro TV streaming on the Internet, the television station that is still a company with newspaper Media Indonesia is somewhat superior to the affairs of the news because almost the entire schedule is dominated by news of actual and complete.

In the day started exactly at 00.00, Metro TV presents Metro Malam followed by Metro Xin Wen and World News. Still a news program, then there is Prime Time News and Metro Hari Ini. Only interspersed non-news event form Pelita Hati programs, news programs restated marathon through Metro Pagi, Bincang Pagi, and Metro Kini.

In addition, the program is also presented through Metro Siang, Metro Sore, Metro Hari Ini, Prime Time News, and Top 9 News. 8 pm every Wednesday, there is one of the favorite events in the form of a talk show featured together Najwa Shihab in Mata Najwa. Premiered on 25 Noevmber 2009, this program consistently present a variety of interesting topics together a first-class speakers. Special guests ever present as Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie (Habibie) president RI-3, Megawati Soekarnoputri, President of Indonesia 5th, Boediono, the former vice president, Dahlan Iskan when the incumbent minister of state, as well as Joko Widodo, who is now the president of Indonesia. For fans or observers of political issues, you can watch the program through politics.

As for journalistic offerings fresher but still seriously worked, Metro TV presenting it through Oasis, Expedition, Journalist on Duty, Travelista, Archipelago, Kokoronotomo, Declassified, Metro Files, and Java Overland. Various programs feature in Metro TV news is presented with content that journalism is very thick and weighty.

In addition, there is another metro-view TV online live streaming no less superior to the Mario Teguh Golden Ways. Wise words of a Mario touched many listeners. No wonder after the word, Mario always get boisterous applause. His words were very wise to make this one program last long because it has a good rating.

Metro TV Streaming Online is an online TV broadcasts Metro TV that can be watched over the internet. In line with the pace of technological developments, especially the Internet makes television broadcasts can be enjoyed streaming. In Indonesia itself is not new anymore on broadcast TV online. Many websites that provide online streaming broadcasts. Therefore Mint Portal as portal site that seeks to provide information to try to facilitate. The Metro telecast online streaming is sourced from Metro TV News.

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