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SCTV Live Streaming Online - Channel  UseeTVTv channel which has the slogan ‘satu untuk semua’ since 2005, this is the second private television station in Indonesia. Although initially SCTV only a local tv station in Surabaya, but it seems SCTV never hesitate to spread its wings to air nationwide on January 1, 1993. To stream TV SCTV, you should have a good internet connection with HSDPA/3G/EVDO signal so that the stream is not halting. If you will subscribe to stream internet package, it is better to use unlimited internet package that does not have a quota limit and usage time. Because it would be more economical considering the number of quota used when streaming in a long time.

SCTV Online TV is one of the active channel. If you want to see SCTV stream from another channel that is much faster please see the list of canals on the main page.

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