SCTV TV Online Streaming Indonesia

SCTV Live Streaming Online TV is a television channel over the internet or online . We can watch casually in laptops , notebooks and other items provided that the goods are able to connect to the internet . Current affairs or not was determined by the capacity of our own internet network .

SCTV was originally an abbreviation of Surabaya Centra TV , because in 1990 they were only transmits programs show in Surabaya and surrounding areas only. And in 1991 SCTV able to reach Bali and surrounding areas , since that’s the sense of SCTV changed its name to Surya Citra Televisi .

SCTV TV who used to work with RCTI TV channels have now been separated from the private tv . And SCTV now led by Sutanto Hartono who was also a former president of RCTI .

And for now it has formed a partnership with a private tv the other woods Indosiar , evidence of this co-operation is to move some programs SCTV to Indosiar means . Even for the champions league year will now be displayed in both the private tv channel .

There are so many programs SCTV schedule , ranging from soap operas , movies , world news . And even for a music event that they do also display the latest song or a song that was popular a long time , but still very nice and comfortable for us to listen .

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