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TVONE Live Streaming – Delighted with the news seriously as political, social, and legal? TV One is a television station that provides news ‘heavy’ like that. One glimpse of the history of TV, the first television that is named Lativi which was founded in 2002 by Abdul Latif, Lativi when it presents the news that more airing problems of crime and eroticism that is less ogled sponsors and advertisers. In 2006, partly owned by the Bakrie Group who also once the owner of the quiz. Exactly since Abdul Latif in 2008 no longer has a stake, Lativi changed its name to TV One where 70 percent of the content is dominated by the news the rest of sports and light entertainment programs, Private television led Ardiansyah Bakrie can also be watched online via live streaming TV One, You can watch it on gadgets such as laptops, smartphones Android, and the iPhone with high definition quality. Most actual news broadcast on TV One of them through the Kabar Pagi can be watched every 4:30 pm. Followed by Apa Kabar Indonesia, a talk show that starts from 6.30 to 8.30 pm. In addition, there is also Apa Kabar Indonesia Malam was sung by the beautiful presenter Tina Talisha.

TV One is fairly serious in working on actual news programs. One of them by displaying market news, the news about the stock market-specific information obtained directly from the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The program is broadcast Monday through Friday. There is an interesting news program on TV One. Namely the evening news that presents the events that happened during the day in which the news was delivered by five broadcasters as well. Indeed, for the affairs of news, TV One could say expert. Especially when the moment of elections in which the television is very keen to present the most updated news

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